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0004336Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Invasionspublic2011-03-25 10:152011-03-31 19:09
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0004336: Several goblin ambushes occurring simultaneously instead of siege
Almost no goblin sieges since 31.21, instead of that several ambushes happening at the same time - 3-4 goblin squads enter the map from different entry points, about 2-3 times a year. They are not in ambush (stealth) mode, because their arrival being reported immediately as they enter with no dwarves, pets or wildlife near enough to spot them. Sometimes several squads land on top of each other, which results in picking up fights with each other ("The Goblin Lasher lashes The Goblin Pikeman" type of thing). My fortress wealth is far beyond 10M, it hosts the king and has been made the Mountainhome, fortress is about 8 years old, and I've seen only one proper siege in that time ("Vile force of darkness has arrived").
This problem is true for both 31.21 and 31.22.
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duplicate of 0003685needs feedback Dwarfu Goblin squads invading a fortress will kill their non-goblin squadmates, sparking loyalty cascade 
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Update. Last "siege" like that included 4 goblin squads entering from 2 points, so it was 2 squads in one place. They started fighting each other, inflicted some heavy damage, reduced their own numbers to almost none and survivors left the map before my military reached them.
2011-03-25 11:05   
Do you have a "SIEGE" flag stuck permanently on the top of the screen?
2011-03-25 14:30   
Looks like a 'loyalty cascade' bug for me, not a siege bug.
3-4 ambush squads at once are pretty normal, as far as I know.
2011-03-25 14:38   
Reminder sent to: dunenkoff

"because their arrival being reported immediately as they enter"

What does this mean? Are you getting an announcement when they arrive? If so, what is it?
2011-03-25 18:16   
They're announced like ambush ("Ambush! Curse them!") immediately upon entering, squad standing on the border, with screen centering on each arriving squad, so it's 4-6 "Ambush!" messages on announcement screen, but no SIEGE flag. They do arrive in numbers for siege though, and there are no non-goblin attackers.
2011-03-25 18:19   
The immediate announcement and infighting part is 0004244