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0004367Dwarf FortressVegetationpublic2011-03-27 20:392014-09-12 12:56
Toady One 
0004367: Animals all try to graze from pasture's top left corner, starvation ensues
I have built three different huge pastures on a flat grassy field. In every one, the animals eat about half of the tiles (starting from the north end) and then die of starvation without touching the other half of the field. I have checked over and over again that they are assigned to the pasture, the pasture is the size I think it is, etc. There are dozens of "normal" and "dense" grass tiles mere steps away from where the animals die. It looks like the animals do not want to leave the upper-left of the pasture.

This may be "intended behavior" and I don't realize it, but it sounds buggy.
1.) Build a large pasture and populate it

2.) Wait for them to graze only half of it and die

3.) Add new animals, they ignore the grass and die
Download save at http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=4058 [^]
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2011-03-27 20:48   
(edited on: 2011-03-27 20:49)
What type of animals? If they're very large ones, this is probably 0004113.

2011-03-27 21:27   
All of them. I actually did have giraffes and yaks die recently, but the most recent death was a rabbit. Also, lots and LOTS of babies.
2011-03-27 23:19   
It looks like you have lots of animals. They weren't overcrowding?
2011-03-28 01:05   
(edited on: 2011-03-28 01:06)
Animals not assigned to a pasture hang around in meeting area and starve to death.

Edit: this does not apply to pets. Presumably they 'get fed' by the owner.

2011-03-28 08:38   
thvaz: There was an occasional kick-and-bite. The animals seem to WANT to stand on top of eachother no matter how much space there is. But it still seems like a bug that they die of starvation while there are dozens of grasses on the ground.

Kumquat: I was extremely meticulous about making sure they were ALL in pastures for the first few years of my fort. There are probably several babies running around unassigned now, but the carcasses are all *in* the pasture.
MaDeR Levap   
2011-03-28 15:27   
It looks like two more bugs present, in fact:
1. Grazing is from upper left corner of pasture. Horribly gamey. Should be in random place in pasture.
2. Animals should try to get away first before starting to fight. They do not this at all. Just stand where they like and if by accident (or more likely first problem above) two animals are on same tile, well. Bite time.
2011-04-02 09:58   
Same here. Animals eat only top half of a pasture. When left only one or two tiles of grass on top half, they start to fight between themselves over it. They sometimes do walk in lower half of pasture, but then would leave it for top half right away.
2011-04-02 13:40   
This looks like another side-effect of the typewriter-order grazing.

1. Animals keep eating and scarf off half the pasture.
2. Grass grows back onto the top left tile.
3. Hungry animals start walking toward the tile.
4. First animal that reaches the tile eats the grass.
5. The rest notice there is no grass, move back halfway across the pasture to reach the next totally uneaten grassy tile.
6. First animal to reach it eats the grass.
7. In the meantime, grass has grown back to the top, second-left tile.
8. go to step 3.

N. Animals that use more fodder to traverse back and forth in Y direction than they get from the rare bite starve to death.

2011-04-06 13:09   
Kumquat: That makes perfect sense. I guess an annoying but functional workaround would be to have many small pastures.
2011-04-06 13:57   
Am I the only one who gets lots of "duck bites dog" combat spam from this?