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0000439Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Stockpilespublic2010-04-04 19:252012-03-02 22:00
Toady One 
0000439: Wood Blocks cannot be stockpiled
Wooden blocks can be made, but there is no selection for Wood (or specific types of it) in the Bar/Block stockpile, so they are allowed to remain in the carpenter's shop where they are made, until that shop is deconstructed.
Build a carpenter's shop.
Build a wooden block.
Make a bar/block stockpile.
Go into the stockpile settings.
No option for Wood exists.
hauling, stockpile
has duplicate 0003973resolved Logical2u Wood Blocks Still Are Not Blocks for the purpose of putting into a stockpile. 
has duplicate 0003669resolved Logical2u Stockpile error 
has duplicate 0004259resolved Logical2u Wood blocks and ice have no category for stockpiles 
child of 0000157resolved Toady One Stockpile settings "metal" category includes stones, gems, soil and other inorganics 
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2010-04-04 20:03   
Related, stockpiles set to receive only stone or only stone and glass blocks don't work. You have to set the stockpile to also receive metal blocks before stone blocks will arrive.

I tried to add this as a separate entry, but the tracker gave me an error every time I tried to add it.
2010-04-18 05:34   
At martin: That is caused by 0000157
2010-04-26 10:22   
Also, unless I'm completely blind, they do not show up on the z menu stock list, either.

Workaround if you get a cluttered carpenters shop from wooden blocks.

Hit the t key from the main menu, hover the cursor somewhere over the carpenters shop, use the +/- keys to scroll through the list of wooden blocks, and tag each one with the d key to set them for dumping. then set up a 1 square garbage zone with the i key from the main menu.
2011-02-16 19:36   
Still exists in 31.19, that's what, almost a year now?
2011-03-06 13:57   
Still exists in 31.20.