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0004420: Dwarf refuses to dig
I was trying to dig underground to the lava, when I got to layer 127. It is 17 layers underground, and contains an underground platform. When I try to dig through that layer, forcing myself to go in that underground platform, it refuses and tells me "cancels Dig: Could not find path" while standing right next to the place to dig. All the rest of the layers are working fine.

It looks like this:

Where X is the place it needs to dig and @ the dwarf with a pickaxe.
Dont know how to reproduce, unless you try it yourself with the version I have.
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related to 0001319resolved Toady One Pathfinding problems after lowest cavern layer is breached 
related to 0000470resolved Footkerchief Up/down stairs break pathfinding. 
related to 0001190resolved Dwarfu Dwarf cancels Eat: Cannot find path 
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Reminder sent to: mr_seeker

Is the platform made of slade? Slade can't be dug.

If that doesn't explain it, you should probably upload your save to http://dffd.wimbli.com/ [^]
2011-04-02 10:49   
(edited on: 2011-04-02 10:50)
Its not slade, I am sure about it...

http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=4113 [^]

The map opens at the "corrupted" layer, you need to manually add the dig.

2011-04-13 00:04   
I observed the same case. A military dwarf fell a couple levels from a bridge in a cavern. Cue 'cancel retrieve patient' spam.

I tried to dig a rescue tunnel westwards but got the same cancellation.

I figure this is because of the dwarf monomania of doing things from the west. The tile west of the last tile to be dug out is walkable, but not pathable -> cancel dig. This probably only happens in caverns because they do not have valid 'accessibility zones', which also leads into 0001254.
2011-04-15 08:44   
Sure it's not burrows?
2011-04-17 23:40   
Burrows don't affect pathfinding.

IIRC, Burrows-related cancellation message is 'forbidden area' and does not un-designate digging.

2011-07-09 14:57   
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Though Toady resolved 0001319, the errorlog on these cancellations seems to point back to the water (unless flood in this instance has another meaning).

path fail: dwarf,Dig,230,194,18 -> 226,194,18: Id No.2356:Path Goal Dig:Station Milling Flood at 171,209,23
path fail: dwarf,Carve Up/Down Staircase,221,196,21 -> 174,211,18: Id No.2356:Path Goal Dig:Station Milling Flood at 171,209,23

(Changed hash symbols to "No." in the above messages to prevent linking to bug reports)

These are all dug stairs and not constructed.

Even if you allow the miner to dig from under the third cavern layer to where an up/down stairwell would connect (which is currently designated in the save), he'll still cancel the connecting up/down stairwell on the exposed 3rd cavern layer.