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0004432Dwarf FortressCreaturespublic2011-04-02 14:192014-01-17 10:28
Toady One 
0004432: Many animal men don't use hands/legs to fight.
Olm men, bat men, cave swallow men, cave fish men and platypus men only have the same attacks as the animals they are derived from: bites, cave swallow scratches and male platypus kicks. No punches or kicks (except for the male platypus man) anywhere. In addition, panda men, capybara men and badger men punch and scratch but don't kick and penguin men scratch but don't punch (i get why penguin men can't kick).

In comparison moose men punch, kick, scratch and bite. It especially seems strange that the underground animal men don't punch since they can use weapons.
Cave swallow men have no fingers.
Probable Quick Fix, raw files
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