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0004459Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Cooking and Foodpublic2011-04-06 11:512014-08-29 07:29
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0004459: Animal corpses not butchered unless they're in a refuse stockpile (or hunter brings them directly to butcher's shop)
I have an Unrotten deer corpse at my wagon that cannot be butchered , Shortly after butcher failed i pauseed the game and made a stockpile that accepts all manner of dead and animal things, it was placed above ground next to the butcher shop , the corpse was not moved dureing this time the corpse has remained unrotten
I also have the same problem with the tanner with the same corpse ,
i had no problem with the next corpse my hunter caught as he dropped it right on the butcher
Get a hunter
Get a Deer
Make the hunter kill the deer
Start butcher shop before hunter drops deer off
Hunter must drop deer off at wagon
butcher shop finishs building shortly after
the deer corpse did not say it was rotton , is that normal ?
I later found that it had turned into a skeleton still not moved ><
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has duplicate 0008181resolved Footkerchief Hunted Corpses Not Hauled/Butchered correctly 
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related to 0009530new  With no Butcher's Shop present, hunters will drop animal corpses in the middle of the dining room 
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2011-04-06 12:16   
Reminder sent to: Remedic

The probable cause is either that a) the corpse was forbidden, or b) you forgot to turn on "Dwarves gather refuse from outside" in the [o]rders menu. If you have a save demonstrating otherwise, please upload it to http://dffd.wimbli.com/ [^] and reopen this report.
2011-04-09 10:56   
http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=4172 [^]

Corpse not Forbiddin still isent being moved i have workers with all hualing set and 17 idles workers
2011-04-09 12:38   
(edited on: 2011-04-09 15:21)
You have [o]rders set to "Dwarves ignore refuse from outside" instead of "Dwarves gather refuse from outside," exactly like I said. After I changed the option, a dwarf picked up the corpse and carried it to a refuse stockpile. Any questions?

2011-04-10 09:10   
Reopen if you have questions.
2011-04-10 19:37   
(edited on: 2011-04-10 19:49)
This Explains why ever since now all the bodies have been left alone , i would like to point out that all games start with that off at the beginning ( and it seems silly to me )

But I somehow got off topic with those posts , that was not my initial problem

http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=4184 [^]

On this map i have a corpse of a Black Bear it does not say it is rotten , it was recently caught and dropped onto the bed , at that point in time the one dropping it went to go build the butcher shop and then announced that there where no butcherable corpses, I checked on IRC to see if rotten corpses would say they are rotten and someone said yes , this is the same problem i had with the deer
so either
Corpses not dropped on a stockpile or butcher shop instantly become rotten but do not say they are rotten
or the Corpse is not rotten at all but the butcher shop will not accept it
or Corpses do not display that they are rotten , in which case i have really just wasted your time just so i can make a suggestion of something that tells you if a corpse if rotten or not

I do not know how long it takes for something go rotten as all my corpses seem to skip the rotten stage and go to bones

2011-04-10 21:22   
Is the corpse very close to the butchery? IIRC a butcher will only recognize a corpse as "butcherable" if it's relatively close to the shop.
2011-04-11 00:57   
same level 10-16 squares away longer walking distance regardless if it only recognizes stuff that is close by that would be a problem to right ?
2011-04-11 05:42   
(edited on: 2011-04-11 05:43)
From my experience, butchers will only try to process corpses that are located in refuse stockpiles (or sitting in the butcher's shop itself, as a result of having been dropped there by a hunter) - distance from the butcher's shop is irrelevant.

2011-04-11 06:18   
I know that works, :P I'm pointing out the thing that does not. I see dwarfs go all the way across the map for a piece of lumber when they need it regardless whether it is in a stockpile or not i think it should be the same way for corpses. I expect that same level of dumbness for every dwarf for every item lol

and honestly if they did not have that in the game, it would lose alot of it's fun
2011-04-15 20:53   
Same problem applys to fish
2011-04-16 08:46   
It is feature request/design bug. Why butchers cannot use corpses from entire map? Maybe myopia in DF world is caused by blood vapours?
2014-08-29 04:56   
To me, the buggiest bit about this is the default setting of ignore refuse outside. I invariably end up changing it, but usually before I remember to do so I notice something behaving oddly, e.g. no dumping of wood or wagon contents, refuse disposal not working, corpses abandoned across the map, etc. But I know what the problem is from experience; to a new player those are just a bunch of unrelated idiosyncrasies causing confusion and problems. There are numerous posts on the forums that eventually boil down to "enable outside refuse collection". I believe the default should be to collect refuse outside and ignore vermin remains.
2014-08-29 07:29   
(edited on: 2014-08-29 07:42)
From what I've seen, the bug is that hunters are not properly returning with their kills, likely because they get distracted with a higher-priority job.

If you get a very skilled hunter who can drop an animal in only a few bolts, hunting works like this:

Hunter finds prey > Kills Prey > Hauls prey to butchery > butchery job is created > Animal is butchered by butcher-enabled dwarf.

However, it's possible for a higher priority job to derail this process, such as eating or sleeping. The longer the hunter spends trying to bring down an animal, the more likely this is to happen. At this point, the progression looks like this:

Hunter finds prey > Fights prey > becomes hungry/sleepy > kills prey > goes to eat / sleep > forgets that he just killed something > goes hunting for new prey.

At this point, the corpse is flagged as refuse and sits there forever unless surface collection is turned on AND there's a refuse pile for the corpse to go to with at least one free spot to accomidate the corpse.

Similarly, if the creature dies of wounds inflicted by the hunter, it is not flagged as a hunting kill and will not be correctly retrieved by the hunter.