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Knight Otu 
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0004495: The ghost won't go away
I started up a new fort but got attacked by giant badgers the first few months and 1 dwarf died + 3 wounded so I abandoned and set out to reclaim it.

Everything went fine except I couldn't find the corpse of the dead dwarf. Some time later the dead dwarf came back as a ghost so I made a coffin and buried him... but ofc it didn't help. I've tried to remove the coffin he was currently in and I saw a dwarf carry him over to another coffin but it had no effect and when I try to engrave a slab his name does not show up. :<

Is there anything I've done wrong ingame or is there a way to fix it by editing the save?
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duplicate of 0003708resolved Toady One Ghost names that can't be engraved on a slab and nameless slab engravings 
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