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0004556Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Tradepublic2011-04-22 05:462012-03-21 23:46
0004556: Merchants left through east border, guards through west border of map
Merchants left through east border, guards through west border of map - after successful trading, no siege.
I will try to upload save.
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related to 0000961new  Merchants leave through underground 
related to 0003407new  Caravan guards follow merchants poorly 
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I've seen some merchants go one way and some the other, but not merchants one way and guards the other - were the guards chasing an animal and the merchants got away first, leaving the guards to find their own path out?
2012-03-21 23:46   
caravan was leaving, they ran into a couple zombies standing around outside (which i shot) - but it caused them to scatter a little... one merchant exited left... the rest of the caravan went right incl the guards... when the last guard got over to the right he just stopped at the border. He's standing on ice that will melt momentarily... i'm going to have to rollback to my last save 2 hours ago so i dont get a dead dwarven caravan guard i wont be able to slab...