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0004582: Smelters unable to produce pig iron or steel even with materials
Despite there being fuel, iron and flux stone within 10 feet of the smelter Pig Iron was unable to be created. Read some old threads on the forums and say this was an old problem. Used a suggested fix from there (making sure the bars were included in my major Burrow which they wern't) and it sorted itself. The Burrow was totally inactive the entire time, they were dropping the iron off in the stockpile all the coke and charcoal was in but refusing to make pig iron anyway.
make a bar stockpile outside an inactive burrow, generate iron bars, see if they can make pig iron with all ingredients inside sotckpile.
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duplicate of 0000434resolved Toady One Reaction jobs (unlike other jobs) don't look outside burrow for workers and raw materials (works through manager) 
has duplicate 0004752resolved Dwarfu Cannot smelt pig iron at an old smelter 
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can you upload save to DFFD?
2011-07-13 20:24   
My save has been uploaded at http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=4667 [^]
2011-07-22 12:03   
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I think this may be a duplicate of 0000434