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0004617Dwarf FortressCombat -- Target Selectionpublic2011-05-06 09:022011-05-07 10:33
0004617: Archers/marksdwarves won't shoot through traffic zone
Archers refuse fire on enemy if are behind limited (and possibly restricted) traffic zone.
Designate limited traffic zone
Place enemy behind it
Try to attack this enemy wit hranged weapon.
Nothing will happen.

As soon as traffic zone removed - dwarves start firing upon target.
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related to 0002697new  Military dwarfs won't shoot through fortifications (though hunters will) 
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2011-05-06 09:02ponomNew Issue
2011-05-07 10:33FootkerchiefSummaryArchers refuse fire => Archers/marksdwarves won't shoot through traffic zone
2011-05-07 10:33FootkerchiefRelationship addedrelated to 0002697

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