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Toady One 
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0004623: <dwarven baby ghost name> has grown to become a Ghostly Dwarven Child
Pretty-self explanatory. This particular baby has drown, because her mother left her in a channel as she was digging out the last square from above to flood the channel with water. Dwarven mothers cannot into common sense.
I'm not sure whether undead aging is a bug or intended behavior, but I havent found anything on that on the forum, and it seems stupid enough to report.
"Kill all babies!"
Probably related to other undead aging issues.
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related to 0004405resolved Toady One Ghosts can die of old age and dwarves who die of old age evidently cannot become ghosts. 
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See also 0004405

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As far as I can tell looking through the code, this was fixed with the big release. Feel free to reopen if it happens again.