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0004769Dwarf FortressItemspublic2011-07-20 04:182012-02-15 06:56
Toady One 
0004769: A stack's weight doesn't decrease when items are removed
Whenever an item is taken out of a stack of items, the stacks weight stays the same.

For example, if an archer has a stack of 40 arrows, weighing 40kg, each arrow that is fired has a weight of 1kg, but the stack weights 40kg regardless of how many arrows are left, until you are eventually left with 39 arrows weighing 1kg each, and one arrow (the last one) weighing 40kg.

This seems to apply to all stacks everywhere. Tested with adventurer firing arrows and bolts, throwing items and eating them, and in fortress mode with dwarves eating and drinking.
Start an adventurer with skills in bow or crossbow. Check the weight of the stack of ammo you start with. Fire most of them, and check again.
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This seems to have been fixed in 0.34.01, I haven't managed to reproduce the problem.
2012-02-15 06:56   
Thanks for reporting back!