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0004795Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Militarypublic2011-07-31 15:492011-07-31 16:26
0004795: When choosing candidates for the military, display of 'relevant skills' is buggy and nearly useless
- Dorfs with military skills are frequently listed as having 'no relevant skills'. (I think it might just be that 'dabbling' skills are never considered; also, siege operation is considered a 'combat' skill, but never a qualification for the military. The latter might well be intentional.)

- One of my dorfs who belongs to a squad is listed as a 'Talented Fighter' (matching her skill description in the [v]iew->[g]eneral screen); if I choose another squad and highlight the same dorf in the list of candidates, this changes to 'Adequate'.

- If the squad uniform is set to use a ranged weapon, then candidates are shown only with their marksdwarf/archery skills, if any; but it does not seem to be possible to filter the skills in any other ways.

- The interface is annoyingly limited in that you can only see one combat skill per candidate dorf, unlike when you select nobles, for example. There isn't even a way to get more information except to remember the dorf's name, back all the way out, and track the dorf down with [v]. The net effect is that any micro related to recruitment is practically impossible without Dwarf Therapist or similar.
- hit 'm'
- create squads, at least one of which uses the default 'archer' uniform
- be frustrated
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duplicate of 0002478resolved Toady One Military screen has same text for rusty skills and absent skills 
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