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0004797Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Militarypublic2011-08-01 16:552011-08-01 18:07
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0004797: Military dorf prioritizing 'Sleep' over 'Drink'
I had a marksdorf stationed outside a gobbo shooting gallery... eventually she became thirsty, then dehydrated. Then she started walking away from the post... to sleep. She was not even 'drowsy' yet but I guess she calculated that she would be by the time she got to her room or the barracks (the gallery in question is quite remote from the main fort). She is carrying a waterskin that still contains a unit of alcohol.
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duplicate of 0002486resolved Toady One Soldiers don't eat from backpacks while on duty 
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I'm assuming since you had them assigned waterskins that you also had them assigned food and most likely backpacks. The bugs related to that are messing up the drink/eat tasks for active military, so she just went on to her next task of sleeping.