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0004800Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Itemspublic2011-08-03 08:212011-08-03 08:24
Knight Otu 
Windows7 Enterprise
0004800: One yak skull (perhaps others) clutters crafter's shop to *CLT*
When I have my bonecrafter making totems, they'll take just one skull to their workshop, and it is instantly cluttered - with one skull. I have seen it with yak skulls and draltha, could be true of other large creatures as well.
I confirmed that the skull was the only item in the shop with 't'.
try to craft a totem using a yak or similar skull
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duplicate of 0000231resolved Toady One Body parts from large creatures (bones, meat, leather, tusks, etc) slow workshops down due to clutter 
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