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0004830: Dwarves in Hospital die of Dehyrdration / Starvation
Sorry if this is a duplicate, I found very similar bugs listed here, but they were listed as 'resolved' since they were from earlier versions so I wasn't sure what to do. The problem I have is this: Wounded dwarves in my fully stocked Hospital zone are Resting on beds, but are nonetheless not given water / food and subsequently die of thirst. Most dwarves have feed / tend to wounded labours set. I believe most are being treated for injuries. Two dwarves have so far died of thirst recently. Two saves are uploaded, in 'thirsty patients' some patients are just thirsty, and in 'dehydrated patients' they have become dehydrated and I assume will die soon. Also a golbin invasion is happening. Sorry.

Thirsty patients: http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=4836 [^]
Dehydrated patients: http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=4837 [^]
(it should be zoomed to the hospital but it's just left of hotkey F3 just in case)
dehydration, hospital, labor, labors, labours, patient, patient water, starving, thirst
duplicate of 0000094confirmed Toady One Injured dwarves not recovered, ignored by doctors, and/or don't get food/water 
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Oh, also, there is a well with plenty of water inside the hospital, and should be lots of empty buckets. If it matters, a prisoner also died of thirst recently.

After a brutal goblin siege, I have another slew of people dying of thirst despite placing a burrow just around the hospital and food stock, then setting a civilian alert to the burrow and also manually adding everyone to the burrow, and everyone set to feed wounded. So I guess my burrow solution earlier may not always work? Also, I have oodles of buckets, and the hospital screen shows as stocked with a few.
Uploaded a third save if it helps, a few just died but more are still dehydrated . (1 dies about two seconds after you load the save :D)
More Dehydration Action: http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=4842 [^]

Update: This may support the "No treatment until diagnosed" bug I heard about; I was able to salvage a few patients finally when I kept everyone in the burrows, set everyone to diagnose, and eventually someone diagnosed a patient, and right afterwards someone else finally gave them water. So diagnosing may be the bottleneck in this whole process.

(Thanks for the tip Footkerchief)

2011-08-15 06:18   
Update: I checked and noticed that due that previous raids I only had one dwarf left with 'diagnose' set and thought that may be the culpirt, as I've heard patients get NO treatment until disgnosed, (including water?), so I added about 4 more dwarf with diagnose labours and all hauling jobs set off, but am noticing now that no-one seems to want to diagnose anything, despite a huge slew of "diagnosis requested" lines in the z-stocks 'health' tab. So maybe this is the root problem? Although, I do remember a few years back at this fort patients did get diagnosed and treated, so not sure why no-one wants to diagnose now.
2011-08-15 06:28   
Update Update: My next idea was to add all those new diagnosers to a burrow encompassing just the hospital and dining room (so they could bring food to a starving patient.) so they could finally diagnose some patients. That didn't quite work, but what I DID see happen is one of them, instead of diagnosing, finally decided to give some water to one of the patients. So using burrows to dedicate dwarves to (the apparently extremeley low-priority?) task of watering patients seemed to solve that problem, albeit with a bit too much micromanagement. No diagnosing is still taking place though.
2011-08-15 06:37   
Final Update?: Okay well the chief medical dwarf finally decided to diagnose one of the many waiting dwarves, so it *seems* I've been able to work around all the problems using burrows. Perhaps the problem is an extremely low priority put on diagnosings/feeding and watering? Below even being idle sometimes? I've going to permanantly burrow some dwarves in the hospital to try to prevent this in the future.
Hieronymous Alloy   
2011-08-15 08:25   
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Diagnosing/feeding/watering seems to have an extremely low priority, yes. I generally just turn off all labors on my medical dwarves except for the medical treatments and clean/feed (at least while there are injured dwarves). Sometimes the water/lye bug can eat up all your spare buckets, too.

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