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0004837Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Itemspublic2011-08-16 22:412011-08-17 15:48
Intel Pentium 2 CoreWin XPXP Pro SP 2
0004837: Using "k" on a specific tile results always to crash
After a combat several goblins and/or trolls lost a lot of items on an upstair tile.
Using "k" to view these items will always result in a crash to desktop.

It is not the upstair construction which causes the crash, I'm sure.
This bug has occured the first time after killing several enemies while climbing upstairs.
Easy and always reproducable.

Simply use "k" on this specific tile.
I have to upload my savefile for reproducing.
Being a noob in bug reporting and because this is the first one I report I need probably help to accomplish.

I can support screenshots for easy finding of specific tile.

Thank you
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duplicate of 0003762resolved Baughn Crash on moving (k) cursor over certain spatters with TrueType (long names?) 
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Reminder sent to: xelo

Do you have TrueType enabled?
2011-08-17 15:45   

After I disabled TrueType in the file init.txt, dwarf fortress will N O T crash anymore.

I then "looked around" with the "k" command onto the specific tile and it seems that this entry causes the crash:

It reads:
<< A spattering of Domas Knightrock the Fissure of Trails' dwarf blood >>

Maybe this entry causes the crash because too long?
2011-08-17 15:48   
Yes, that is the problem. See 0003762. Please note that this is fixed for next version.