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0004855Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Interface, Military Screenpublic2011-08-23 10:272014-07-30 09:56
Toady One 
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Mac OSX10.5
0004855: Weapons/armor of underground civs available on military equipment screen
When I go into the military equipment screen, I'm listed as having available three wooden spears, two blowguns, and three shields (all of underground wood types) that I never purchased or produced. If assigned, they are given a green check mark, and are never retrieved by the dwarves (perhaps because no path to them exists), but do not generate an equipment retrevial cancellation message.

Note that these items *do not* appear in the stocks screen, so this is not the same as bug 0000010...as far as I can tell, bug 0000010 might already be resolved, since the items in question are not showing up in the stocks screen, and weapons showing up in stocks is one of the problems mentioned there. That said, I'm uncertain whether the weapons/armor showing up existed at embark, were imported by underground immigration, or were produced on site by an underground civilization.

Since the items (as intended) do not show up in stocks, it is not possible to forbid their use to prevent automatic assignment, which may increase the severity of the bug, if automatic assignment occurs.

This may spoil the existence of underground civilizations, and perhaps also what weaponry those civilizations have...I am unsure at this time whether the weapons/shields appearing are those which belonged to the civilization at embark, or whether they were imported/created afterwards by the underground civilization, as I have been deployed at the site for more than two years.
(Not sure whether it's necessary to deploy at the site of a pre-existing underground civilization or not.)

(Not sure whether it's necessary to let the simulation run for some months/years or not, for a new underground civ to move in undetected below ground, or for an underground civ to produce new weapons/armor that did not exist at embark.)

Go to the _m_ilitary screen and create a squad with at least one member, no uniform.

Go to the _e_quipment screen.

Assign _W_eapons.

Choose "specific weapon", look through the list and notice weapons of underground civilizations.

Assign _S_hields

Choose "specific shield", look through the list and notice shields of underground civilizations.
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I have this issue to. Lotta blow guns down there.
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Confirmed this issue still present in version 0.40.1.