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0004874Dwarf FortressCombat -- Generalpublic2011-09-02 12:012012-05-14 09:26
0004874: Brain "completely impaired" by syndrome, but creature can still move/fight
Syndromes with IMPAIR_FUNCTION that completely impair the brain aren't immediately lethal; the affected creature can still move and fight for a short while (the same effect as having a broken spine) before suffocation.

Create or mod a creature for giving a syndrome impairing the brain like this:

For example modding a Giant Desert Scorpion to have:


    [SYN_NAME:giant desert scorpion sting]





Then test it against a creature in the arena. The brain will be affected quickly, but death will only occur by suffocation.
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related to 0003645new  Adventurer broke lower spine, suffered no ill effect. 
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