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0004925Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Transport/Haulingpublic2011-10-15 02:452011-10-15 09:04
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0004925: Entrance Dancing
Items outside the burrow can cause jobs for dwarves assigned to stay in the burrow.
Haulers exit their assigned burrows to fetch items from beyond the burrow, take a few steps, then cancel and go back, then repeat.
I built a hatch from the inside of my fortress that lead down to a spiral staircase, the staircase goes down several z-levels surrounded by open space on all sides, and at the bottom comes back up the inside and the rest of the way to the surface. The entire inside of the fortress is designated as a burrow around it, but the stair shaft is not part of it. Goblin clothes litter the bottom of the shaft from where they were knocked off by pets and traps. During that ambush, the dwarves respected the burrows and would not go into the stair shaft to fetch goblin clothes. A siege came later while some of the clothes were ordered to be brought to the depot. I issued the alert for civs to stay in the fortress burrow, but they kept going out through the hatch and taking a few steps before cancelling. They continued to do this until the goblin crossbowmen moved to the top of the inner stairs and shot everyone who poked their heads down through that hatch. Which was every dwarf who could try to bring an item to the depot.
Urist McEntranceDance: "I should bring that sock to the depot. Oh, wait, I'm outside the burrow. I'm not supposed to be outside the-" Urist McEntranceDance has been struck down."
Urist McIgnoresBurrows: "Urist's sock! I must have it! Huh? I'm outside the burrow. I'm not supposed-" Urist McIgnoresBurrows has been struck down.
Goblin Crossbowman: "It's like a game of whack-a-mole!"
Hundreds of dwarves died.
0.31.25, 64-bit OS, annoying, behaviour, bug, burrow, burrows, cancel, hauling, job cancellation, message spam
duplicate of 0003221confirmed Loci Dwarves assigned to haul objects outside of restricted burrow 
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I'm going to start a new world and cause a similar situation. Ideally I'll be able to upload a save with a siege on the way and the dwarves entrance dancing.
2011-10-15 06:46   
I've seen this as well. I thought it was already reported in the burrow bug, though?
2011-10-15 09:04   
Being assigned haul jobs while restricted to a burrow is covered by 0003221. Please continue discussion there.