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Toady One 
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0004943: Creatures with body part 2HEAD_ANTLER, butchered part becomes generic 'horn'
Creatures using the body part 2HEAD_ANTLER in body_default.txt have the correct body part shown as antler when viewing their 'w'ounds in game. It will also correctly show as 'antler' if the entire body part is cut off during battle.

However, when these animals are butchered, the item becomes the generic 'horn' (ie, deer horn) - when it should retain the 'antler' text.
Butcher any creature using the body part 2HEAD_ANTLER in arena mode.
This is easily fixed by adding the following lines to the creature castes that require it:

Probable Quick Fix
related to 0002154resolved Toady One Raws for Deer are lacking a horn/antler tag 
related to 0006933resolved Toady One When an antler is shattered, it refers to it as a horn. 
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Currently applies to:

reindeer (creature_domestic)
moose (creature_large_temperate)
deer (creature_large_temperate)
elk (creature_large_tundra)