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0004971Dwarf FortressArtistic Images (engravings etc)public2011-11-27 00:512014-08-04 12:38
Toady One 
0004971: Unnamed creatures resulting in ". Is <foo>ing <foo>." descriptions
"This is a masterful bauxite statue created by 'Mason' Kolbin.

The item is masterfully designed image of the donkey and a native gold blocks in bauxite by 'Mason' Kolbin. Is raising the native gold blocks. The artwork relates to the theft of a native gold blocks from Sackcombat by a donkey in the early winter of 3."

IMHO "Is" should be replaced with "The donkey is"
I may upload save (note to myself: "goldblockdonkeybug" folder)
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Captain Xenon   
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i have seen a similar effect in engravings. an engraving of a goblin striking down a horse at one point reads "(goblin name) is striking down ."