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0005007Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Animal Handlingpublic2012-01-05 16:542012-01-05 17:32
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0005007: Dwarves move animals to Pen/Pastures even when animal hauling is not their job
After a climactic battle, my dwarves began to clean up the battle zone and in the middle of them all was my Chief Medical Dwarf hauling a war dog back to a Pasture I had accidentally left it assigned to.

The only jobs assigned to this dwarf were "Diagnosis" and "Dressing Wounds" which should have been the only jobs on his agenda.
1. Have an animal (preferably assigned War Dog) outside of a pen/pasture, but assigned to the pen/pasture
2. Have a Chief Medical Dwarf with "Diagnosis" only set as their job
3. Have injured Dwarves in the hospital (probably optional)
4. Have no other dwarves around to move the dog
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duplicate of 0004072resolved Toady One Dwarves drag animals to pen/pit/cage/restraint without Animal Hauling enabled 
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