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0005029: Tool forging ignores MATERIAL_SIZE
When forging tools, only a single bar is used, regardless of the tool's MATERIAL_SIZE. Even when making them from Adamantine, only a single wafer is requested.

This is distinct from the general problem of 0000130, though it is located in the same area of code - the non-wafer-metal code's case for "make tool" simply sets the size to 1 (as when making blocks, crafts, coins, and most other finished goods), while the wafer-metal code simply lacks a case altogether and falls into the default case of "1 wafer".
Given that all of the tools present in the default raws have a MATERIAL_SIZE of 1 (aside from cauldrons, which dwarves can't make), this isn't much of an issue, but it might cause confusion for modders.
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related to 0000130resolved Toady One Forge jobs always use only a single bar 
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Not strictly related, but in the same area of code: adamantine catapult parts and ballista parts should probably require more than a single wafer...
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This is indeed a problem. You can mod a tool to be any size and it will still melt down to nothing.

Other tool tokens are a bit odd too. You can set any tool to [METAL_MAT] instead of [HARD_MAT] and wooden versions of it are still available on embark. It will not, however, appear on the wood or stone crafting menus.

Also, [METAL_WEAPON_MAT] has exactly the same effect as [METAL_MAT] in fortress mode. This is the same whether the tool has weapon attribute tokens or not.

I think all carving knives and the like I've found in night creatures lairs in adventure mod have been weapon metals, though, so this seems to be followed in some circumstances.

Since the tool use tag isn't used as far as I know, I would guess that tools are incomplete pending some other development. I have no idea if Toady has commented on any of this.

Edit: I think this is related to 0004979.