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Toady One 
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0005089: Re-raised (flaming?) corpses in tomb instantly bleed to death
While fighting a mummy ranger as a dragon adventurer, I used fire breath on an entire room full of mutilated animated corpses and skeletons. Now whenever the mummy attempts to re-raise her followers (every few moments) it produces a very long message spam of "The human mutilated corpse (and etc.) has bled to death."
Play an adventurer (possibly a dragon)
Light a lot of animated dead on fire (possibly with dragonfire)
Kill them in the presence of a mummy (possibly other necromantics too)
Watch the mummy try to resurrect them only to have them all instantly bleed to death
Savefile: http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=5501 [^]
Apologies that it's so difficult to tell what's going on, what with all the smoke from burning corpses.
animated, bleeding, corpse, dragonfire, fire, mummy, necromancer, undead
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2012-02-14 21:44   
On further fighting, it seems like this is happening to the majority of mummy-raised undead, not even ones that were set on fire. I do appreciate it keeping them from infinitely mobbing me, it's just strange to see a long-dead corpse bleed to death.

It also happened once with a rabbit which I killed before fighting a mummy; the mummy couldn't raise the rabbit at all, it would just bleed to death every time, even though it had never been raised before.
2012-02-16 10:37   
The same thing happens with necromancers - if something bleeds to death, they'll attempt to raise it, but it'll just instantly bleed to death.