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0005099Dwarf FortressWorld Generation -- Parameterspublic2012-02-14 22:212012-03-17 06:29
Windows 7 64-bit
0005099: Worldgen hangs at 'Setting Temperature' with 2,3 set for Minimum Complete Edge Oceans
Worldgen hangs at 'Setting temperature' displaying cyan (light blue) waves in the Worldgen display. Worldgen works fine with other settings of Minimum Complete Edge Oceans.
Minimal parameter modification (more titans, more volcanoes!) in this advanced setup. Parameters available on request.
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duplicate of 0000565acknowledged Footkerchief Crashes when generating large world with "Complete Edge Oceans" set to anything besides 0 or 4 
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Are you doing an island style world-gen? If so, might be related, or identical, to 0000565