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0005121Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Movementpublic2012-02-15 09:342014-12-11 10:34
0005121: Indoor campfires are indestructible, can trap adventurer in confined spaces
I made a campfire at the entrance to a cave to try them out, and then found I was trapped in the cave and unable to escape. I threw water at it and waited for about a week or so and it never went out, so I died of thirst. Less of a bug than a lack of important feature.
has duplicate 0005564resolved Footkerchief Campfires do not extinguish when indoors 
has duplicate 0008483resolved Knight Otu Campfires doesn't want to disappear 
related to 0005143new  campfires aren't affected by gravity 
related to 0007285new  You can create Campfires underwater 
related to 0007204new  Moving into campfires impossible, but jumping possible 
related to 0007958needs feedback Footkerchief Campfires cannot be made on smooth floors 
related to 0009675new  Campfires are impossible to remove in fortress mode 
related to 0009773new  Campfires never disappear on adventurer sites 
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2014-12-11 10:34   
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Still present in DF 0.40.19

One problem I noticed was if you are grabbing a lot of stuff from the ground and spam

'g'et 'a'

The result is that you will pick up every object, then set campfires in every direction. Note that you may be able to 'j'ump out of trouble, but that depends on the local geography. In the following savefile the adventurer appears trapped, but can actually jump into the doorway.

http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=10228 [^]

(N.B. Uses Phoebus' Graphics Set)