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0005166Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Interface, Unit Viewpublic2012-02-16 02:022012-02-16 06:52
0005166: Cannot (v)iew details of a creature that is dead/missing
I can understand not being able to zoom to a dwarf listed as missing. But dwarves listed as missing or dead cannot be (v)iewed, meaning I can't retrospectively check their relationships or personality, their kill history or health history. It also meant I couldn't check these details of a recently deceased forgotten beast.
Wait for a dwarf to die or go missing, go to the (u)nits screen, scroll right to the dead/missing list and try to (c) or (v) on the dwarf.
has duplicate 0005753resolved Footkerchief It is impossible to view creatures on dead/missing list 
has duplicate 0004986resolved Footkerchief Can't view kill lists of non-citizens (e.g. ghosts) 
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Viewing details would show you any injuries the dwarf has, so that might be the rationale for closing off that screen, at least for missing dwarves.