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0005209: Statue refers to vampire by her real name, identifes her as vampire.
There was a statue created of the appointment of my current guard captain, a vampire, which used her real name rather than her chosen pseudonym, and referred to her as a "dwarf vampire".
"The item is a finely designed image of Zefon Rockclutched the Geared Death of Mortifying the dwarf and dwarves in gold by Iden Sazirzim. Zefon Rockclutched the Geared Death of Mortifying is surrounded by the dwarves. The artwork relates to the appointment of the dwarf vampire Zefon Rockclutched the Geared Death of Mortifying to the position of captain of the guard of the Free Spear in the midautumn of 194."

She is currently living under the name of Rith Likotûthir.
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Same thing happened to me. It was also a statue, but depicted the vampire in the act of murdering another dwarf.