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0005210Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Travelpublic2012-02-16 20:202012-02-17 15:21
Toady One 
PCWindows 7
0005210: Dehydrated companions prevent fast travel and sleep
If your adventure mode followers become dehydrated, you cannot fast travel or sleep. You're allowed to try but both end instantly.
Recruit a companion, sleep for three days. Further attempts at sleep should end instantly.
This MAY be intended behavior designed to take you out of fast travel/rest when when of your companions dies of thirst or starvation. However, there is no message explaining why fast travel ends, and it happens even though your followers don't die, which I think justifies calling it a glitch.
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related to 0005101resolved Toady One Companions get hungry/starving and thirsty/dehydrated, no way to feed them 
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Should be sorted since they aren't supposed to eat/drink (0005101).