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0000524Dwarf FortressProjectilespublic2010-04-05 15:072014-07-29 10:43
Toady One 
0000524: Liquid glob material breath attacks come out solid
When testing creatures in the arena, liquid glob attacks shoot solid globs instead. Have tested this with materials with melting points as low as 0. Have not tested this outside of the arena yet.
Breath attacks, globs, material, temperature
related to 0001638resolved Toady One Dust from a cave-in referred to as "boiling magma" 
related to 0002548resolved Toady One Forgotten beasts made of mud have wrong material state 
related to 0003133new  Dust attacks cause instant KO (old code from cave-ins?) 
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2010-04-05 15:14   
How are you determining whether it's solid or liquid?
2010-04-06 17:00   
It uses the name for solid stuff. i.e. "Frozen slime" instead of "slime." Or whatever.

2010-04-07 01:50   
Yeah, I was just running some tests for this. I was using melting points along with fixed material temperature in order to produce a liquid projectile. Didn't work.

It appears that temperature values are not properly applied to material breath attacks like this. This applies to all types of breath attack. I was running tests with TRAILING_DUST_FLOW and similar types, and I'd always end up with the cloud being made up of frozen-state material. The REALLY interesting part is that I would also receive notifications from time to time of BOILING-state material, even though I couldn't see any (note that TRAILING_VAPOR_FLOW attacks would automatically change to boiling-state material, even if it wasn't supposed to).
Khym Chanur   
2010-04-09 03:34   
I had a forgotten beast that breathed dust, which would lead to one line of "The forgotten beast is caught in a burst of forgotten beast frozen extract", followed by two dozen lines of "The forgotten beast is caught in a cloud of forgotten beast boiling extract". The same bug?
2010-04-10 15:59   
Same one I was experiencing, but it's only assumed to be related to this report (as in, a general weirdness when addressing breath attack material states).
2010-09-30 17:14   
Dust clouds showing up as "boiling extract" is likely the same issue as in 0001638.
2012-02-15 14:48   
Reminder sent to: Untelligent

Is this bug still around?
2012-03-06 07:27   
It was in 34.1, haven't tried it in the newer releases.
2012-03-06 10:38   
Has anyone tried changing the body temp of creatures to see if that is affecting the state?
2012-03-29 12:40   
Just ran into this bug in .05 (haven't updated yet, presumably it is still around) and decided to do some further SCIENCE!!

I have one breath attack that breathes a solid glob of a custom material, and one that breathes a liquid glob. I took Granite's suggestion, and set the FIXED_TEMP of the creature to 26000, slightly over the melting point of the material. This caused the liquid glob attack to read "You breath a glob of LIQUID material" instead of "frozen material." My joy was short lived, as when the glob actually struck the target in combat, it was back to displaying as "spinning frozen material" instead of liquid.

Increasing the FIXED_TEMP of the creature to near-boiling for the material did not increase how long it stayed liquid after being emitted. More interestingly, decreasing the MELTING_POINT to 0 changed nothing- Solid Globs stayed solid, and Liquid Globs still emitted liquid and hit solid.
2012-06-27 15:53   
I can confirm that the bug remains in 0.34.11. And it's incredibly irritating.
2014-07-12 09:37   
Still happens. The spit from a mountain titan came out frozen.
Toady One   
2014-07-29 10:43   
The random creature spittle is fixed -- that was actually just a language error. Half of the "spittle" beasts were breathing solid materials with high melting points intentionally, but I've made them all liquids now since a solid rock shooter doesn't make sense with a syndrome. I can add rock shooter beasts later.

I'm not able to reproduce the other problems, though it's unclear if I fixed them when I added human etc. spit, and I kind of remember fixing something there. Feel free to re-open if it's still broken for modded liquid glob attacks with proper material settings.