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0005262: Duplicate companion
I asked a lasher to join me in a fortress, then went to sleep inside the lord's house and the lasher was gone (not shown in my companion list). I found him outside and he joined me again, along with a crossbowman and a bowman. Some minutes later, after wrestling a rhinoceros, i checked my companion's status (using c) and found a duplicated entry for the lasher
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duplicate of 0005162acknowledged Footkerchief Companions spontaneously leave group and can be re-recruited, resulting in duplicate entries in companion list 
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2012-02-18 08:49   
I have the save backed up, but can't find any upload button...
2012-02-18 09:23   
Seems like a duplicate of 0005162, or at least related to it - companions that are removed for any reason, then rejoin, duplicate their companion screen info?

To attach saves you'll first need to upload them to a site like the Dwarf Fortress File Depot, copy the resulting download link, and paste it here.

2012-02-18 09:52   
Yeah, definite duplicate. You can post the save link at 0005162.