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0005272Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Travelpublic2012-02-18 13:232012-02-19 02:09
0005272: Borders between sewers and dungeons considered above-ground
The sewers under a town are linked to the dungeon that's under that town's keep. However, when going from one to the other checking your location readout will notify you that some tiles are only considered part of the town itself, and not in either the sewer or dungeon. This means you're able to quick travel here even though you're still underground.
1. Go to a town's keep.
2. Go down the stairs into the dungeon (it's seems easier to go from dungeons to sewer than the other way around).
3. Search around the upper levels for side paths that go far away from under the keep until you're in a recognizable sewer tunnel.
4. Go back in forth from one or the other while looking at your location display.
5. When the display has the name of the town, hit [T]
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