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0005404Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Interface, Statuspublic2012-02-22 19:522012-02-22 20:02
windows 7 professional
0005404: missing dwarfs with destroyed corses and ghosts can not have a slab engraved for them
Missing dwarfs with destroyed corpses and ghosts can not have a slab engraved for them.

ghosts could be vengeful spirits and may cause unstoppable havoc in your fort due to this bug.
Drop a dwarf into the magma sea. wait till A-he's marked as missing and B-his ghosts shows up.

You will not be able to memorialize the ghost due to the fact the corpse is now completely gone and he will be permanently marked as missing.
was first encountered when I had a mod installed I ran a vanilla test afterwards to confirm the bug.
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duplicate of 0005130resolved Toady One Magma-destroyed corpses are always "missing," can't carve slab to prevent ghosts 
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