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0005472Dwarf FortressMaterial Propertiespublic2012-02-26 16:132012-12-16 20:49
0005472: Hardcoded materials (mud, water) have unrealistic properties
The hardcoded materials have unrealistic properties.

In the un-modded game this shows itself most clearly with the mud men. Attacks chip, fracture, and shatter their mud. This mud being the same as is left after irrigation.

This also applies to the other hardcoded materials making them unusable in modded creatures.

"You strike Water Man 2 in the head with your steel war hammer, shattering it!"
Remove ARENA_RESTRICTED from mud men in the raws.
Spawn a mud man in the arena.
Spawn a different creature and posses them.
Strike the mud man and see the combat reports.
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related to 0003498new  Some hardcoded materials are unrealistically immune to heat/cold 
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