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0005576Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Movementpublic2012-03-07 19:422014-08-11 17:27
0005576: Some sewer grates can be breathed through, others can't
I had the impression that it was possible to swim underwater as long as you where able to get to the next Sewer grate (Those that you can walk on and look down into the sewer, but not go through) where you could get a breather , however it doesnt work like that at this moment.

Since several quests does involve you swiming through parts of the sewers where humans will die no matter their Swimming skill an easy and temporary (or permanently if Toady decides its a good fix) would be to allow people to regain air bellow the sewer grates.
1 Find an sewer entrance from a river, swim inside.
2 Try to get to the first Sewer Grate if possible.
3 Watch as your adventurer drowns.
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Correction : Some level grates does indeed allow a breather, it has to be 2 z levels down though and if the sewer is straight under the grate it wont give air.