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Toady One 
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PCWindows 7x64 Professional
0005584: Ant man creatures immediately crash game upon trying to be created as Werebeasts in Object Testing Arena
I was messing around in the Object Testing Arena and decided to spawn a Werebeast Ant Worker Woman and it crashed the game, upon further testing it seems that all the ant people creatures crash the game when trying to be loaded as a werebeast, that includes:
Worker Ant Woman
Soldier Ant Woman
Drone Ant Man
Queen Ant Woman

I searched to see if this bug was already listed, and I didn't see it, that's the only reason I'm reporting this issue.
1. Start up DF (of course :P)
2. Select Object Testing Arena
3. Hit k
4. Hit c
5. Scroll down to any ant person
6. Hit u until it says Werebeast in the bottom right hand corner of the screen
7. Hit enter
8. Watch as DF crashes and dies.
Further testing shows every effect other then werebeast works fine on the ant people.
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When I was testing this (in 34.02) I also noticed that werebeast brown recluse spider men caused a crash.