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0005612: Migrant Traders
I noted this in a ghost bug post, but as i just saw it happen again and haven't seen this with it's own report... in an immigration wave i'm getting 'traders' - who spawn at map edge with the other migrants then stand there. If you examine them you dont get any detailed history - just the typical physical description. They will stand there until they're killed by invaders/animals etc - always returning to their spawn point.
They dont show up on the job list etc - dwarf therapist doesnt see them either.

They do seem to be slabbable (otherwise i'd have set it to urgent). I'm not sure if they might be vampires - i havent seen that yet...
wait for a migration wave... i'd say i get one every 2nd or 3rd wave.
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duplicate of 0005098resolved Toady One "Friendly" migrants with Trader profession act like on-the-job merchants 
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