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0005658Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Interface, Burialpublic2012-03-16 06:312012-03-16 07:44
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0005658: Vampire ghost can't be put to rest
I had a vampire tossed in a cage, deconstructed the cage and tossed that cage into magma. Dwarves didn't realize he died. Reported him missing. Vampire came back as a ghost. Can't slab him because he's still considered missing and there's no corpse to find now.

His case also can't be closed because of it.

Either way, it's quite minor but it may be irritating if the ghost came back violent.
1. Put vampire in cage
2. Toss vampire into magma

Probably doesn't have to be a vampire, just anything in a cage that's killed while inside the cage
Cage, death, rest, slab, vampire
duplicate of 0005130resolved Toady One Magma-destroyed corpses are always "missing," can't carve slab to prevent ghosts 
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