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0005705: dwarf children die from embarassment at not being dressed at age 2
So far, the leading cause of death (in a new game started under 0.34.6) has been dwarf babies growing up into dwarf children, getting very unhappy thoughts from being seen without clothing before they or mother manage to get them dressed, and then going insane and dying at age two.

There should have been a stock of clothing taken from goblin or kobold thieves, but maybe they don't want to pick up tattered clothing? I found that keeping a clothier's shop going full tilt making clothing does seem to help. At least, some of the children started surviving long enough to reach age 3.

Human mothers complaining about the "terrible two's" probably haven't dealt with Urist McChild throwing a temper tantrum and:

- punching The Stray Dog several times
- going to cry to The mayor, only feeling a little bit better, and then beating up The mayor's legs also
- deconstructing buildings
- deconstructing the trade depot IN PARTICULAR (!)
- going berzerk and doing many bad things to The Stray Cat who decided to adopt and follow Urist McChild around
- doing more bad things to The Dwarven Baby nearby before becoming a pincushion [1]

[1]: Painting a 1x3 room red with cat pieces seemed to be tolerated by the nearby adults, but taking out the baby got an immediate response: a hail of crossbow bolts.
Haven't retried, but I've never run short of clothing before or had children go insane because they weren't dressed under 0.34.5 or earlier versions. Checking stocks, I might have been low on legwear (maybe?), but I had 350 headwear and 700+ handwear/footwear, and not forbidden.

By the time this fortress grew to max size of 200 with 60 children (surviving), 10 dwarf children had died (or 9 + the baby). When the first Vile Force of Darkness showed up, I only lost two adults...
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Maybe there is a problem with their size? Even though you have clothes, you don't have clothes their size. This is a serious bug that will render fortress mode unplayable if it is the case.