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0005748Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Childcarepublic2012-04-01 13:112012-06-03 19:06
Toady One 
0005748: Children Still Tantruming/Going Berserk at Age 2 Over Clothing
I've lost two to berserk, and two more are headed that way. They start unhappy by a partial lack clothing, then discard or destroy (I could not locate the discarded clothing, if it was discarded) the rest of their clothing in tantrums. After that they become miserable and then go berserk.
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related to 0005705resolved Toady One dwarf children die from embarassment at not being dressed at age 2 
has duplicate 0005870resolved Knight Otu Children going insane from lack of clothing. 
related to 0005775new  Modded creatures have unhappy thoughts from a lack of clothing in civilization 
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2012-04-01 13:44   
(edited on: 2012-04-01 13:45)
Save here:
http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=6063 [^]

This is while first child is still berserk, before it dies.

2012-04-01 22:50   
Is it save of world generated in 34.06 or previous version?
2012-04-02 04:54   
Generated in 34.07.
2012-04-07 10:06   
I've also come to realize that dresses and robes don't count as leg coverings, despite that they do for armoring purposes. Do I need to make a new issue for this, or is it already known, or was it never intended that they do so?
2012-04-10 06:10   
(edited on: 2012-04-12 03:55)
I am still getting this occasionally despite an ample supply of trousers, socks, shoes and vests. I have lost 2 children to nakedness-related insanity out of around 20 growing to childhood from infancy. I will upload a save if it happens again. World genned in .06 I think, running .07.

Edit: Save not forthcoming due to full-scale tantrum spiral.

2012-04-10 14:10   
World genned in 0.34.07 is unplayable due to tantrumming babies at 20 days old murdering my broker and others due to not having clothing.
2012-04-10 20:10   
My babies are perfectly happy without clothes, and they go get dressed when they grow up to children before things get too bad. Do you have enough unowned clothing for your children to wear?
2012-04-11 20:10   
Videospirit: Babies have never needed clothing in any of my fortresses. Children are not supposed to need clothing in 34.07, but by the observations of some players, including me, they still do.
2012-04-18 02:17   
I can confirm this still has not been resolved. I've had four children die so far to clothing related unhappiness, which is rapidly causing a tantrum spiral and thus the end of my fortress. I've noticed that a lot of the children are wearing bits and pieces of clothing, so it isn't that they aren't claiming/wearing at all. Possibly they aren't claiming the clothing fast enough, or the negative thoughts associated are too strong/don't go away properly once clothing is claimed. Often the clothing-related thoughts are the only negative thoughts on the list, but are still sufficient to cause insanity.
2012-04-21 16:39   
(edited on: 2012-04-30 13:47)
Miserable by the age of 1, tantrum and brawls at the age of two!

2012-05-23 14:48   
In 0.34.10 as well
2012-05-23 19:03   
Toady's bugfix description in the 03/26/2012 development logs says, "removed negative clothing thoughts for children", but the way things are working I think he meant to write "babies" instead of "children".

If that's the case then things are working as intended now.
2012-05-28 20:00   
Yes, we know you think that, HiEv. We still haven't heard that from him.