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0005759: Children who gain skills will have planting labor enabled if they migrate to a second fortress
I started a game on a world with 20 years of history so the historical figure pickings were slim, the first fortress some children harvested some plants to gain a bit of planter and when they migrated to my next fortress after I abandoned the first they had the planter labor enabled(I still can't touch their labors menu, but they take planter jobs, they're planting seeds right now)
Start a fortress on a world with about 12 years of history, grow crops, wait for children to harvest plants(They may need to harvest enough to get novice planter, not just dabbler), abandon fort, settle another, wait for them to migrate in.
Haven't tested if it applies to children who strange mood a skill, so it may just be the planter labor.
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related to 0000872resolved Toady One Children growing up to peasants do not have healthcare labors set. 
related to 0001482resolved Toady One Children that gain professional skills still grow up to be Peasants 
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It does not apply to a strange mooded skill, at least not bone carving. http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=8377 [^] Catten Abyssink is from a previous fortress in this world and does not have bonecarving active despite being legendary. I did see a dabbling planter child have that active, though I didn't think to save it.