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0005781Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Huntingpublic2012-04-06 12:422012-04-07 22:08
0005781: Hunter bugged on bolt pickup loop
This hunter had been hunting fine for quite a while then stopped.
Speculation/guess: possibly ran out of her bolt allocation and the military were using all remaining bolts?

Steps i've taken to get to this saves current point:

Made a few hundred more wooden bolts and noticed they weren't allocated to the hunter or even listed under the hunters bolts allocation(m -> f). Removed allocation, let the game run for a bit and then setup a new allocation of Wood Bolts(50, changed to 60 a bit after of no tick, still no effect) to hunter, they showed up on the right but with no tick next to them.
After a while of this not changing i disabled her hunting job, let the game run a few seconds then re-enabled it, at which point it then put a tick next to a stack of the bolts.

She picked up a stack of 25 larch bolts and went for a drink...
I noticed the bolts she had vanished and then got the "Pickup Equipment" job.
She went back and picked up another 25 larch bolts...then they vanished again almost instantly(put back in bin?)
She seems to go back to one of the dining rooms, then gets the "Pickup Equipment" job again.
She went back and picked up another 25 larch bolts...then they vanished again almost instantly(put back in bin?)

It's doing this over and over again. There are and have been in the future plenty of available ground hunting targets.

No mods, just Ironhand tileset and DT. DFHack is installed, only command used is a few vdig's. She is not in the military, or has ever been from what i recall.

http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=6115 [^]
Has happened in many fort's i've had where i have both hunters and military, but unsure how to consistently reproduce it.
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