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0005806Dwarf FortressUndeathpublic2012-04-12 14:142014-11-19 06:46
Khym Chanur 
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0005806: Migrant necromancers raise hostile undead
Migrants who are necromancers (including the monarch or monarch consort) will raise any bodies or body-parts they see, which will be hostile to all the dwarves except necromancers and vampires.
I haven't encountered this personally, but have seen several mentions of it in the forums.
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related to 0006663resolved Toady One Necromancers afraid of/killed by their own undead 
has duplicate 0008138resolved Knight Otu Immigrated Necromancer 
related to 0005805new  King consort necromancer doesn't get along with other dwarves (interrupt each other's jobs, can be ordered to attack) 
related to 0009928assigned Detros Necromancer Immigration 
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