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0005879Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Haulingpublic2012-05-14 09:542012-05-15 04:16
Toady One 
normalminorhave not tried
PCWindows Vista32 bit
0005879: Wheelbarrow gets stuck on wall
A wheelbarrow got stuck in/on a wall, the wall was constructed just as the wheelbarrow passed over it.
Construct wall in path of wheelbarrow. If the wheelbarrow passes over it just when the wall is constructed, it will get stuck.
Have not been able to reproduce this due to large amount of luck involved.
Save with stuck wheelbarrow is being uploaded, but it'll take some time.
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2012-05-14 09:55   
Same issue here.
2012-05-14 10:21   
Upload won't work, sorry. It shuts down after 10 minutes.
2012-05-14 12:10   
Maybe a picture?
Also crashed to me.
2012-05-14 12:43   
I can confirm that this occurs, just happened on my fort.
Toady One   
2012-05-15 04:16   
This should be handled now.