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0005926Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Stealthpublic2012-05-19 17:542012-05-20 01:21
Knight Otu 
0005926: Followers stop Following after coming out of Stealth
Followers were being left behind and I didn't know why. Was able to re-recruit them to make them follow me again though so this is less of an issue that needs to be dealt with.
Recruit some Followers and have them follow you, start sneaking. Run around to some mobs in a Human Town Dungeon, have them spot you. Followers stop following you, they will attack hostile creatures but when you talk to them, they have the Join option in the talking menu.
I believe this has occurred for me against bosses at campfire sites as well, or lairs, or anywhere really, but I haven't tested it.
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duplicate of 0003605resolved Toady One Party unjoins when sneaking player is spotted 
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