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0006003: Cloth/Leather items wear out due to age, but not as fast as they're supposed to
Back in version and earlier, items made of PLANT, SILK, or LEATHER would have their 'wear' timer incremented along with their 'age' at a 1:1 ratio, while items made of WOOD would wear out at a 1:5 ratio. This had the result of cloth/leather finished goods starting to show 'x'-level wear after 20 years (and finally disappearing after 80 years) and wooden goods starting to show wear after 100 years (and lasting a total of 400 years).

In the current version, however, it seems to be using the 1:5 ratio for all crafted items made of creature or plant materials - the only time it chooses a 1:1 ratio is if the item's material is nonexistent (i.e. NULL).
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