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0006051: loyality cascade after killing trained cave crocodile mount from siege.
after goblin siege i caught 5 cave crocodiles and trained them . i had a idea to breed the crocodiles , i brought 2 crocodiles to breeding chamber. one of the crocodiles started to attack the cheese maker (The dwarf who brought it there) the other dwarf ran away leaving the other crocodile there. i dispached all my military to kill the crocodiles , they killed the first crocodile (the one who killed the cheese maker and 2 ducks) but after killing the other crocodile i noticed that my mace dwarf bled to death (he killed the crocodile) and so the dwarven genocide began .

i think it is a mayor bug , because it was not a normal loyality cascade , whenever the citizens were fighting with the military , the citizens became enemy of the fort . that is why i saw random peasants punching children , military comander fighting with his wife and killing his baby , children charging to death in the middle of markrdwarf squad . if someone was fighting back with the insane peasants , he becomes enemy of the fort.
* get a mount from goalin siege
* ?make sure that it did'nt kill any dwarves?
* train it
* pasture it somewhere
* order your military to kill/move somewhere near it
* enyoy
i have not tried to reproduce this (but i remenber how and why it happened) and i dont have any save , because my fort got destroyed .

256 dwarves died in 10 days
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