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0006088Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Interface, Building Constructionpublic2012-07-10 15:242020-03-11 21:57
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Ubuntu 12.04 LST
0006088: Alt key doesn't work on Ubuntu
Earlier they used to work, if memory serves, also after my change from Wi 7 to Ubuntu. Now they don't. This covers all shortcuts that use the ALT key. Alt+h acts like H and so on. Other software recognises my ALT just fine.
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has duplicate 0008557resolved Footkerchief ALT button is not registered. 
has duplicate 0008900resolved Knight Otu Pressing alt+key combinations doesn't work on Ubuntu 
has duplicate 0009609resolved Knight Otu Cannot press buttons involving ALT on Ubuntu systems. 
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2012-11-01 11:07   
I also have this issue on my Ubuntu Netbook when playing adventurer mode.
2012-11-01 15:48   
I play on Unbuntu 12.04 and have this problem in windowed mode, but it works fine in fullscreen. I think it might be an OS problem.
2012-11-11 05:50   
I use Kubuntu 12.04, and there are no problems at all. Maybe only Gnome is affected.
2014-07-08 22:47   
Verified, this bug still exists in Ubuntu 14.04/Unity with DF 0.40.01
2014-07-09 15:16   
Thanks for the update, TV4Fun.
2014-11-16 03:22   
I also get this, and similar bugs where the keyboard locks up in one direction on the keypads so that you either go one way or the other, or jigger back and forth.
kicking jay   
2014-11-16 16:33   
Can confirm. Ubuntu alt keys don't work with DF; I remapped everything to use shift or ctrl.
2014-11-18 08:18   
I can confirm this too, but I fixed it by installing XUbuntu instead of the ordinary Ubuntu.
2015-02-17 10:45   
Is it possible that this has anything to do with Quickfort?
Knight Otu   
2015-04-04 08:09   
If you are affected by this, are you using Ubuntu Unity, or Gnome Panel?
2015-04-06 13:45   
Ubuntu 14.04 32b with Gnome, DF 0.40.24, and Alt seems to work, both in fullscreen and windowed mode. Blame Ubuntu Unity then, I guess.
2015-04-06 16:01   
Out of curiosity, do DFHack keybindings with Alt work (i.e. ones in dfhack.init, like Alt-F1 or Alt-L in the [k] view)?
2016-03-13 07:32   
Since this has just come up again it might be worth trying

http://askubuntu.com/questions/122209/how-do-i-modify-or-disable-the-huds-use-of-the-alt-key [^]
2016-03-21 05:05   
@lethosor They don't. I tried workflow, and it doesn't register unless I go into the dfhack console and type gui/workflow .

@SEM That was the same solution I found. It works.
2020-03-11 21:57   
Cannot send ctrl/alt combinations on ubuntu 18.04, using plain openbox with lxpanel.