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0006102Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Militarypublic2012-07-17 16:412014-08-09 12:06
0006102: Injured military dwarves won't seek treatment, die
Danger room accidents* lead to some dwarves getting banged up. Nothing serious; just some bruises and broken ears. However, the broken ears get infected, and eventually the dwarves die. The dwarves just stand around, and won't seek treatment regardless of whether or not they're active or inactive or anything.

* Were danger rooms made more dangerous somehow? It used to be my dwarves were never injured in them; now broken bones, lost teeth, and bruises are the norm.
1. Throw steel-clad dwarves into a danger room equipped with upright wood spikes (made from wood training spears).
2. Activate the danger room.
3. Dwarves get injured.

Expected result: injured dwarves go to the hospital, get treatment.
Actual result: injured dwarves stand around stupidly until they die.
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